What is included in a commercial carpet cleaning estimate?

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Commercial carpet cleaning in Calgary is seen in spaces like office buildings, shared workspaces, etc. Yet, the phrase commercial means even businesses and industries need carpet cleaning services to keep their space clean, hygienic, and presentable. Commercial carpet cleaning is very different from residential cleaning as they have higher foot traffic throughout the working hours of the office, and the signs of wear and tear may appear sooner compared to residential carpets.

Significance of commercial carpet cleaning

Just like you want to keep your carpets at home in the most pristine condition, it is more or less the same as commercial space carpets, and they should have the same level of cleanliness. A commercial building has people going in and out of it daily, and you would be surprised to find out that in just one day, the carpet traps dust, dirt, particles, debris, and pathogens carrying diseases and ignoring it for months and sometimes years can lead them all to sit down in the deepest fibers.

Also, a dirty carpet never looks good in front of your clientele, casting a poor impression on them. By choosing professional commercial carpet cleaning, you can ensure that your carpets are tidy and new-like and leave a good impression on your visitors, colleagues, and clients, offering a hygienic environment to everyone.

However, it is important to know the cost before hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company. Once the professionals inspect the carpet and space, they will provide you with an estimate.

Commercial carpet cleaning estimate

All commercial spaces are not the same. Hence their quote will not be the same. It is more apparent that some carpet cleaning companies charge hourly or per square foot. However, major inclusions in the estimate are the property’s size, the carpet’s age, its condition, and the type of carpet.

Depending on your cleaning requirements, these are also included in your commercial carpet cleaning quote:

Steam cleaning: Considering the cleaning method you have chosen to get your carpets cleaned, the charges are placed accordingly. The deep cleaning method is costly, especially if you have a big space.

Chemical cleaning: This method uses chemicals to remove the dirt from your carpet. It uses less water and is comparatively less expensive.

Stain removal: The stain costs differ. It can be less expensive if you have simple-to-remove stains. However, it can get costly if you have stains like oil, as it will need more time and effort.

Minor repairs: Depending on the wear and tear and severity of the damage, minor repair costs are added to your quote.

Time and material: The cost of using tools and machinery and the time needed to do the cleaning is also included.

Special considerations: This includes pet odor removal, seam repairs, set up and removal, spot cleaning, etc.

Cost of labor: Lastly, the labor cost is added to the estimate. Usually, a rough estimate is prepared to depend on the pay rates and work hours they will spend on the job.

Commercial carpet cleaning can be tough. Hence it is always suggested to hire professionals. Compare the quotes from different companies and pick the reasonable one with quality work.