Why Should You Hire A Vacate Cleaning Service?

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Moving out of a property can be pretty stressful, especially when you’re already juggling life on one hand and work on the other. To add to the burden, you must mindfully pack all your belongings and clean the place like a mirror to regain your bond.

Many people often assume that vacate cleaning is an additional charge and thus viewed as an unnecessary cost. However, people fail to observe that a silly mistake during your ‘course cleaning’ mission can cost you your entire bond.

By the principle of opportunity cost, that’s quite a hefty loss and loads of cash in simple language.

However, if you were to hire a vacate cleaning service for the same purpose, a big worry is lifted off your shoulders.

A vacate cleaner is not just an additional charge but a guarantee that your property will be squeaky clean as per the agreed standards. To further add to its benefits, it’s one less thing off your plate, and you can utilise this time to focus on other critical areas of your life.

Here’s why should you consider hiring a cleaning service while vacating a property.

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Saves Your Bond

Hiring a vacate cleaner is like a latent investment. You may not see it now, but when you get your bond back, you’ll surely notice it.

Did you know that about 30% of Australians don’t get their bonds back after moving out? The cumulative capital lost in bonds by tenants in 2016 amounts to $2 billion.

Now that’s a lot of money and if you don’t want your brand to be a share of this statistic, ensure that you do your homework well.

Squeeze You A Bit Of Time

It’s said that time is of the essence and thus shouldn’t be wasted. You need to utilise your time wisely to chive your objectives in the long run. But do those goals and aspirations include cleaning

your property squeaky while moving out?

Probably not? So, why waste your time on an activity when it can be left with cleaning professionals while you focus on another crucial sphere of your life.

Moreover, to do the deed yourself, you might need to lose a precious weekend. That’s because you need to clean the property within a specified time frame to be eligible for a bond refund.

Failing to do so can cost you much money, which will be more than a high-end cleaning service fee.

Cleaning As Per The Agreed Standards

Here comes the last hurdle to your moving-out journey. You need to clean the property as per the prescribed standards of the property condition report.

A property condition report assesses the condition of a living space as outlined by the law. The tenant and landlord have the right to hold each other accountable if the conditions are not adhered to.

Get A Shining Reference

A well-kept property means ‘one of the most eligible living spaces in the rent market’, equating to high demand and low supply. And a low supply translates to a good rent inflow for the landlord.

Given the market of rental properties is a fierce arena, a decent property can fetch you handsome rent for a long time. This is precisely what the proverb, ‘land never rots’, means.

Leaving your property in good condition can help you leave a good impression on your landlord. A shining reference from your previous landlord goes a long way in getting a suitable property.

Vacate cleaners ensure that your investment doesn’t go to waste. They clean your property in the best possible way, so you don’t face any hassle while leaving.

However, that doesn’t mean all cleaners are cut from the same cloth. You might want to research and understand your options when looking for one.