4 Common Causes of Personal Injuries in Roanoke

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Personal injuries are common on Roanoke roads and are not something to smile about. They may have long-term effects and can be life-threatening. Severe injuries can lead to disability, hefty medical bills, emotional damage, and loss of work. If you incur personal injuries due to the negligence of another party, you can file a compensation claim.

Here are common causes of personal injuries in Roanoke 

1. Car accidents 

Car accidents are among the most cause of personal injuries in Roanoke. They result from over-speeding, driving under the influence, careless driving, etc. Such damages will lead to severe injuries and disabilities or death. If you incur a car accident injury, you should file a lawsuit to get compensation and hire a qualified Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyer to fight for your rights.

2. Truck accidents 

The number of truck accidents in Roanoke is increasing. As the number increase, truck crashes has been increasing proportionately. Truck accidents cause many personal injuries to residents due to various reasons, such as overspeeding and vehicle malfunctions.

3. Medical malpractice 

Medical malpractice can be in the form of wrong dosage or improper diagnosis, leading to wrongful death. If that happens, you can file a personal injury claim and seek compensation for the damages.

4. Slip and fall injuries

Slips and falls are common in Roanoke. You can sustain personal injuries or loss of life due to slips and falls. Also, the injuries can damage your spinal cord, neck, head, legs, etc. They result from wet floors, unwanted objects on the ground, etc.

Reasons you need legal representation in Roanoke

  • Help with paperwork

An attorney will ensure your claim complies with the timelines and is correctly filled. Also, an attorney will help speed up the legal process to ensure you get your compensation.

  • Assistance during negotiations

Without the right negotiation skills, the insurance company can take advantage and give you an unfair compensation amount. But with legal representation, you will have someone who has experience in compensation negotiations to ensure you get the maximum amount.

  • Representation 

Though you can settle personal injury cases out of court in Roanoke, some end up in court trials. That happens when you and the other party cannot reach an agreement. Such court trials require expertise and experience, which you likely don’t have. But if you have legal representation, you can rest sure that you will get the best terms from the trials.

  • Professional guidance

You’ll have offers from the insurance company requesting you to accept and be done with the claim. You won’t know the minimum amount to take without proper guidance, and you can get exploited. That won’t happen if you have legal representation for your claim. They will offer you professional advice, enabling you to make rational decisions.


In Roanoke, personal injury is a significant issue that leaves residents with various damages. Personal injury is an injury you get due to someone else negligence or recklessness. Knowing the cause of the injury is the first step in seeking and filing a compensation claim. In Roanoke, the above are the common causes of personal injuries.