A Guide to Buying Jewellery Tools for Starters

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If you’re interested in learning a new hobby, like jewellery making, one of the most daunting aspects is figuring out what materials you’ll need to get started. Tools like wire cutters and beading clasps help string beads, bead weaving, and work with wire.

Most may be found at hobby shops, web, or hardware stores. Evaluate the need for each tool before spending your paycheck on your new pastime.

Wire Cutters

If you’re making jewellery, you can’t do without a pair of wire cutters. They have a blade that can snip through stringing wire, headpins, and eyes. Although, it’s possible you already have one of them at home. Before you go out and buy, ask whether your spouse, fathe, or another family member has an extra pair stashed somewhere in the garage or shed.

Round Nose Pliers

Most regular folks probably don’t have a pair of round-nose pliers because they’re only ever used to make jewellery. The smooth, rounded corners are ideal for making standard loops and other wire shapes. Since the jaws of the round nose pliers narrow toward the tip, you may place your wire along the jaw to create a loop of any desired diameter. You may make a big loop by positioning the wire near the handles or a little loop by moving it closer to the end. Marking the pliers with a permanent marker allows you to construct loops of the same size for your project every time. In this technique, you can reliably position your wire. Once done, you may wipe the pliers off with some rubbing alcohol to get rid of the stain.

Chain Nose Pliers

Common needle-nose pliers may seem similar to chain-nose pliers, leading you to mistake them. And they may do just fine in some situations. While the needle nose pliers’ serrated surface makes it difficult to grab jewellery wire without marring it, the chain nose pliers’ flat jaws are ideal for this task. Since the jaws of a chain nose plier are shorter than those of a standard needle nose plier, you’ll find it much more convenient. Jump rings may be opened and closed using chain nose pliers because of their tapered shape towards the tip and ability to fit into tight areas.

Flat Nose Pliers

Flat nose pliers are useful for gripping jewellery wire due to their non-tapered tip and large surface area. However, they are not strictly necessary for making jewellery. If you decide without buying this tool, you will still need two pairs of pliers: one to manipulate the wire and the other to keep one end steady. For this task, you can use either two sets of flat-nose pliers, one set of flat-nose pliers, and one set of chain-nose pliers.

Bead Stoppers

If you have the extra cash, bead stoppers are a great tool to add to your armoury as a bead stringer. Cheap beading clasps save time and prevent frustration by keeping beads in place on the wire during beadwork. To remove the stopper, squeeze the loops at either end to unhook the springs. After that, you may feed your bead wire through the open loops. Beading clasps prevent beads from falling off one end of an object while the other end is being worked on.

The essential toolkit requirement like, beading clasps, will help you get started in the jewellery industry and give you a sense of the essential equipment you’ll eventually find in any jeweller’s studio. Selecting the right people is as vital as having the right equipment to maximise output.

Lastly, don’t allow your blunders to derail you; they’re a rich source of insight. Put your disappointment behind you and keep working; it will help you become a better jeweller.