Common Employment Discrimination Matters Reported in White Plains

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Unemployment rates in White Plains are steadily on the rise, with white-collar professionals finding it more and more difficult to find employment in their fields. In addition, discrimination is still a significant factor in workplace culture, and that makes it difficult for employees to feel they have a fair shot at promotions or new jobs.

Discrimination can manifest itself in other ways, such as racial slurs and insensitive comments from coworkers that make members of these groups feel unwelcome at work. In case you are facing any kind of discrimination at your workplace, you better speak to an employment law attorney White Plains to find out your rights and options.

Here we are going to look into the most common discrimination matters reported in White Plains.

  • Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination where one co-worker or employer makes advances toward another under inappropriate circumstances. Such instances may include unwanted sexual advances, demands for sexual favors, and other kinds of verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. If you have been the subject of such behavior in your workplace and have found no way to make it stop, then there are steps that you can take with the help of an employment lawyer to make sure that the workplace is safe for you.

  • Wrongful Termination

Employers in White Plains must follow certain laws when it comes to job termination. In layman’s terms, an employer should not terminate an employee without any cause. An employer should always ensure that they follow a legitimate process that is required by law before making a decision on termination. The process of termination among employers will vary depending on their legal obligations and the nature of the work.

  • Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination is illegal in all places having a certain population threshold. This poses a significant issue for employers and employees alike as it is unlawful to refuse to hire, terminate, or otherwise discriminate a person due to his or her race. This could affect the hiring of new employees and promotion of current ones. It can also affect the decision of better positions in the company.

  • Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is also a significant issue in the workplace. It is illegal to treat an employee unfavorably due to age. If a person believes that they may have been fired because of their age, then they can file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).