Golf as a Team Building Game

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Team building activities have always been important for establishing and developing a sense of cooperation among colleagues. 

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Still, in the post-covid era, they are more critical than ever. The coronavirus pandemic and remote working have caused distance among people. Some employees have never met in person. As the pandemic slowly recedes and employees worldwide return to their workplaces, they need to reconnect. 

Is there a better way to help co-workers get to know each other than a team-building activity that will bring them closer? That way, they’ll learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses to better cooperate within the company.

Why are team buildings essential for the companies?

Team building develops mutual trust among all employees, regardless of the position in which they work. It improves communication and better understanding between team members. As a result, we have better mutual understanding and better team performances.

Team buildings increase employee motivation since they emphasize each employee’s performance. Consequently, you’ll increase employees’ productivity and efficiency and better understand the company’s common goals.

Everyone wants to work in a pleasant atmosphere. Periodical outings will make your company where workers wish to retain, and we all know very well how hard it is to find loyal and productive co-workers. Once you find them, you want them to stay. 

Not convinced of how important team building is? Let’s look at the statistics:

  • 20-25% increase in the level of productivity in teams where employees are interconnected and communicate well
  • 97% of employees believe that good communication is key to successful work tasks.
  • 86% of employees and managers believe that ineffective cooperation or poor communication is to blame for business mistakes.
  • Poor or insufficient communication in companies that employ more than 100 workers costs over $400,000 each year!

So, from the above facts, we can conclude that communication between employees and management is necessary for business success. Going to golf is a great idea to improve team-building organization for your employees.

Advantages of golf as a team-building activity

We do not suggest golf as a top team-building activity by chance. Whether you opt for outdoor golf or play through a golf simulator, it is a great exercise that will benefit the whole team. 

Outdoor activities can easily be affected by unpredictable weather, while golf simulator NYC every time offers an experience of simulated play on the best world’s courses. All you have to do is swing. Advanced technology will make you feel like you’re there. 

Golf-playing as a team-building activity has unarguable advantages:

  1. Golf is suitable for all members of your team. Young, old, women, men, active or poor physical shape, employees, managers or owners – everyone can play golf. They don’t even need to have previous experience – learning and practicing how to play will bring them closer in a positive atmosphere. Also, golf is not too demanding, but it is challenging enough to shake things up and activate physically.
  2. Golf relaxes everyday stress and anxiety. Business circumstances, deadlines, and pressures can often make you feel anxious, depressed, or stressed. The point of team outing is precisely in relaxing and relieving stress. During the game of golf, everyone will have to focus on their next swing that will bring the ball into the hole. The game will divert thoughts from everyday challenges and make individuals relax in a pleasant chat with colleagues.
  3. Golf boosts productivity. Once managers and employees are rested and relaxed, they will have a better focus on work tasks and thus will achieve better results.
  4. Golf improves bonding with colleagues. During the game of golf, employees will have the opportunity to connect through conversation and mental challenges that lead them to a common goal. By working together, employees and managers will achieve the desired results, and they will move successful teamwork in the field to the office. Outings connect people, making them better team players and improving their interrelationships. After such experiences, employees are more accommodating and attentive during work tasks and everyday challenges.
  5. Golf positively affects mental and physical health. This sport teaches how to stay calm under pressure, giving people mental stamina and endurance. Golf is a brain-stimulating activity that reduces depression, stress, and anxiety while empowering concentration, confidence, and self-esteem. All of these traits are essential for business success. It also increases blood flow and heart rate, which benefits the entire body.

Final words

The golf outing will be a teambuilding experience you’ll be coming back to in the years to come, as it brings co-workers closer, helps develop healthy team spirit, and teaches that with teamwork, people can consistently achieve better results than working individually.

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