Kameymall is thrilled to announce Zorb Ball TPU Body Inflatable Bubble Soccer

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This amazing product will be available on September 15, 2022. You can order online at kameymall.

The selling price for our Zorb Ball Bubble Soccer 2.5M PVC is $462.

You can enjoy the thrill of the tumble and rough that the Zorb Ball provides you.Your family members or friendscan attain the ability to walk on or in the water. It is also known as Human Hamster Balls and this extreme sport is called Zorbbing. It will ensure you a burst of never-ending laughter when you bounce into another zorb Ball of your friend or family member.

What are the dominant features of our zorb ball for zorbing?

Zorbing is ablissful unimaginable and movement protected which can be achieved with a Zorb Ball Top Quality Transparent Tear Resistant. We ensure the security of the Zorb Ball is very high. Therefore, there are only some physical restrictions that should be followed by all players.

Zorb is a huge ball with an estimated volume of 12 to 15 m. Our Zorb Ball is available with a weight of 70 to 80 kg. Its outer diameter is 2.5 meters. It is made of materials such as PVC or TPUwhich provide a longer operational life span, are durable, and are wear resistant. TPU is an environmentally friendly fragrance material. It is also very cozier and lighter

0.8mm TPU assures the coziness and safety of the players. These balls aremade of flexible plastic which is very lightweight just like a common hamster ball. Many orbs have straps on them to hold the player for safety purposes.Players can also use others with their feet or hands to move or rotate the ball forward or backward from the inside of the Zorb Ball.It isis available in transparent and orange colors.

Global Instant Shipping

We provide shipping facilities to Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, and United States. We also provide shipping to other countries but they have to pay some extra charges for shipping fees. That’s why you can contact us before placing any order.

After confirming payment, the Order delivery time is within 4-12 working days. Our company will also provide a 1-year Quality warranty with a repair kit.

What games can be played with zorb balls?

A zorbing game involves a gradual rolling or falling down of a player in the Zorb Ball from aninclined surface or slope. We use flexible andtransparent plastic in the manufacturing of suchZorb Ball Inflatable Bubble Soccer.

It makes the Zorbing experience more enjoyable and comfortable. The air portalsin the ball act as a comfortable cushion when it moves down the slope or inclined surface. Two plastic layers form ourZorb Ball, with air between the outer or inside layers. You will get to know about more benefits of these ballsin this press release.

The great benefit of having a Zorb Ball is entertainment and fun. You will spend the whole timerolling so much that your body will hurt while bouncing off and running around things like a child. Therefore, amusement, entertainment, and funare at the top of our list.

It is not only a common sport that you could play three or four times a week to get healthy. It is thebest way to get you outside, create fantastic memories, do exercise also create a bond with your friends. It’s also a good way for patients with mild fever to go outside without their nose and eyes streaming.

Zorb ball Ensure Your Safety

Most importantly, ZorbBall is breathable despite its air-tight nature of this giant ball. It has many opening ways for breathing purposes that finishall chances of suffocating and ensures the playeris comfortable. Water cannot get into the Zorb Ball through these portals or holes.

Zorb ball can be usedin open or sea-going parks, skiing parks engaging parks,or any of your spots of interest. You can also use the ball upward or downwardin water pools.

Additionally, the space between the twoZorb balls is expected for the air current. The ball is 2 feet wide, which providesa rider with a suitable level of oxygen.

Zorbing as an event attraction

In this fun, you are the pawn. Maybe one or the other is wondering what exactly is supposed to be so fun about the leisure time fun. Once you’re in the balls, you’ll know.

Of course, it always makes sense to buy 2 zorb balls. In this case you can, for example, run a race or carry out other battles. With this air ball for people, also known as a bumper ball, you will hit the mark at your event.

Buy Zorb Balls in Bulk from Kameymall

The zorb ball is becoming more and more popular. You can buy these balls in bulk from Kameymall at best price.Zorbing is an absolute leisure attraction at every event. Once inflated and rolled onto the lawn, there’s no stopping it. You feel like it and would like to buy a zorb ball, then just ask and get the zorb fun at your company party, club party, annual party or children’s party.