Reasons Why You Should Use PDF File Format  

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While sharing files in an office, employees need to have a file format that doesn’t lose its format, is secured, and can be easily compressed. This ensures that they can avoid problems while sending or receiving important files. The PDF file is the only format with all of these features. 

Preserve Format

Many professionals need help with preserving the format of their documents while circulating them. Some legal documents need to be in the perfect format while printing. Therefore, one must use PDF file format while sharing the document. And if you receive a PDF document and want to edit it without converting it and disturbing the format, you can use PDFSimpli, a renowned PDF editor

Highly Portable 

PDF files are known for their portability. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which itself signifies its portability. It can be opened on any operating system, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. You can read your file on any device, whether it has Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Furthermore, the file size of a PDF file is also relatively smaller, and one also gets an option to compress these files. This makes them a portable file format that can be easily shared over mail or in a USB device with a standard storage size. 

Protective And Secured Interface

PDF file formats are the best option for sharing your valuable information and data. You can also encrypt your files and authorize your access to them. This way, only people who have access can open your file. Only individuals with access can edit PDF online, and no other person can interfere. If you e-sign your file, it will be authenticated as yours. 

User-Friendly Interface 

The PDF file format is easy to share, view and edit. It can be sent to anyone all across the world digitally through email or social media. This safest file format has a user-friendly interface with a limited number of gestures or elements. Any people of any age group can view and share their data or information with anyone they want. 


These are some of the reasons why a person should always use PDF file format while sharing files. You can also add extra security to your files with a password, ensuring that all your official documents are encrypted. The PDF file format is a universal format, and therefore, one should adapt it to make transporting files easier for themselves.