Want to Relocate With Your Children? Here’s Everything You Should Know

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If you are divorced and a custodial parent, you are already aware of the legalities, challenges, and hardships you go through. The complication gets much more prominent when you decide to relocate with your child. One of the biggest reasons courts do not permit relocation is that it makes co-parenting difficult for the other parent. 

However, if you have no option but to relocate with your child, you must contact a child relocation lawyer as soon as possible. If you do not know where to find one, visit our website today. Only an expert in child relocation cases can help you get the court’s approval and ease things. 

Before making any decisions, you must go through the following points for a child relocation case to be successful. 

Is moving out of a state possible with your children after a divorce?

Depending on your situation, you must appeal to the judge to permit you to relocate your kind. However, there is no guarantee whether the judge will say yes as they will consider several factors before giving their final decision. So make sure you make a strong case from your end with the potential reason for relocation. 

Never go against the will of the court and relocate your kids with you, as there will be severe repercussions; you might even lose the custodial rights of your children. 

Is relocation the best decision for a child’s life?

After analyzing several parameters, if the court decides relocation is not the best option for the child, the judge will command the parent to remain in the same state. If the parent still wants to relocate, the custodial rights of the child are transferred to the other parent.

Nevertheless, child relocation laws differ in different states. So depending on the state, there can be three considerations:

  • What is the reason behind relocating with a child 
  • Induction and notices that must be issued 
  • Are there any needs related to consent? 

Providing a notice letter and getting consent? 

Any states have notice and consent law where the relocating parent is asked to prepare a written notice where they must explain the reason for relocation and the period within which they are supposed to move out of the state. 

After the notice letter is sent to the non-custodial parent, they can either provide their  consent or choose to file a motion against the custodial parent to stop them from relocating with the child.